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Learning and growing through making

Ms. Pottinger's Makerspace is an online maker resource for my community. I will include videos, activities, and links to resources so that students can continue to build engineering and design skills. Though it was created in response to the coronavirus pandemic closure, I hope that it will endure beyond our at-home time. Either in-person or remotely, I hope to continue to push students to develop their ingenuity.

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Find activities and ideas below, and check out my blog for more detailed project ideas and technique instruction.

Check here to find recommended maker activities for each of the elementary grades (although most are fun for all ages!).

PBS offers many design challenges for kids. This links directly to their "stuff spinner," wherein you to click on stuff you have at home and it suggests activities.

Especially for young children, loose parts provides important learning opportunities. This link provides a good explanation of the theory.

Feature Paper Project:

Paper Blocks

Even the most minimal house usually has access to paper, so this area will link to paper projects. Remember, brand new printer paper is not necessary: try packaging labels, newspaper, junk mail, etc.

Previous Paper Projects:

Paper Shaping

Cylindrical Fliers

How Strong is Paper

Paper Airplane Experiments

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